Sunday, August 23, 2009

carine roitfeld encourages lara's evolution
The September issue of Paris Vogue is testament to what a radical difference an eyebrow tint and a packet of hairdye can make. It is also testament to the fact that a more demure side of Lara Stone exists, beyond that nipple baring, lips agape, Brigitte bardot-esque writhing sex creature as she is so often portrayed. She just needed somebody to spot that suppressed alterego and drag her out. Please, a round of applause for Carine Roitfeld, photographers Mert and Marcus and their creative teams for doing so.


Anonymous said...

Big, big, applause to them because If I've already loved Lara, with this editorial she is proving that she is more than that sexy Bardot-esque model, like you have said.

She looks so elegant and beautiful in all the photos, and surprisingly, she is perfect as a brunette, more delicate and sweet than ever.

Now I'm so excited to buy this issue!


lydia said...

can't wait to see this issue! lara stone is lovely, i'm very glad they've exposed her more elegant side.

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Can't wait to buy the issue!

Anonymous said...

She looks so different!

A. said...

i think this has got to be one of my favourite covers - ever.


ps, loved your last comment! made me smile. hee!

Anonymous said...

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Sally said...

Lara has a face too gorgeous to hide, but she is surprisingly unrecognisable as a brunette. I love her on this cover. Even more than usual, perhaps.

LAYNE said...

This shows that she can be such a chameleon.

so gorgeous.


An (ex) alien in new york said...

la roitfeld: 1 point.


Versatility is the most valuable talent in model, and should we expect any less from the incredible miss stone? mais non!

Abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous.

Doesn't she look a little like Catherine mcneil too? x

Anonymous said...

I normally find Lara's pictures quite hideous and nobody else seems to get it! It's all "Oh it's art" and "Oh she's so talented" and "She has such great shapes". Personally I think she's either made look really weird and quite ugly, or yeah like a bit of a whore!!!

Thanks for posting this! It's amazing what a few subtle changed can do!

All Women Stalker said...

Wow, so unlike her. Very beautiful.


jessica said...

what .
once more, WHAT .
that is not lara .
i am dumbstruck, this is insane !
i thought it was taryn davidson at first glance !
wow .

A La Mode said...

Fierce cover

So Stylistic said...

Wow I almost didn't recognise her!

Annabel Smith said...

she is so incredibly beautiful!

Hélène Heath said...

A round of applause indeed. This cover is brilliant.