Friday, August 28, 2009

coquette moss

Yves Saint Laurent have just released the trailer for the brand's new perfume "Parisienne".

The trailer features Mossy, who although has previously been the face of the womanswear line is a slightly questionable choice given her Anglo-Saxon roots. Playing on the idea of the coquette, and spontaneous lust and romance, the perfume's slogan 'living and loving in the moment' embodies that french sex appeal, of a strong willed Parisienne, following her heart over her head.

The video sees Kate in the sweaty summer nighttime; in the back of a cab, making her way to a midnight tryst in a breezy bedroom with only the moonlight to provide light.

Phew, what a contrast to Sofia Coppola's candy coated image of Paris for the
Miss Dior Cherie trailer..


Charlotte Drene said...

You have such a good looking blog. Nice photos, videos, good reading..

lydia said...

huh, the trailer is interesting; i love the lighting, and kate looks great. still, it is strange that, for such a quintessentially french idea, they chose to include her.

it really is the opposite of miss dior cherie!!

joy said...

Sophia Coppola's candy version of Paris was great for the moment, I enjoyed it. But this YSL video is much better. Go head Kate Moss, you go girl!


Anonymous said...