Wednesday, August 19, 2009

inspiration on a wednesday

it's been a while..


and good luck my fellow A level students who come the morning shall be nervously gripping results envelopes. Hey, look at this way. If you tried, you'll do well. If you didn't, yeah, it sucks, but education shouldn't be a race, if you have a uni to get into and don't think it'll happen after seeing your results, go off and see some of the world. read some great books, meet some people to have late night and thought provoking conversations with and if you're really passionate about the course, it'll still be there for you on the other side.


Unknown said...

I love it! Just so old's not even funny! Very very inspiring.
Loving the blog!
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Anonymous said...

lovely photos! Yeah, I'll probably have to go see the world... :)
love your blog!

Teaology said...

Good luck with your results! I love Love Story! That red, long sleeve dress Ali McGraw wears to go and meet Ryan O'Neal's character's parents...I'm eternally looking for one of my own.

Ashley said...

Ali McGraw!! love!!!

hippyhippychic said...

hope you got the results you wanted!
love the collage

G said...

thats such great advice xx

Anna Pope said...

Lovely post as always :)

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful shots
love the faded photo with the girl in the window
thanks for sharing, im officially inspired

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Sally said...

hope you did well in your exams! x

kat said...

awe, i luv ali mcgraw