Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kate moss

I think Kate Moss and Juergen Teller will always be a bit of a swoon-worthy combination in my eyes. Juergen's no-nonsense style is perfect for Kate, who always looks at her best when unkempt and messing about. I'm never of a big fan of a glossy Moss editorial. This one is a real gem from the December Self Service (issue #33) though it looks like it could easily have been taken back in 2005. This is the Kate we all know and love.


REBECCA L said...

I perfectly agree

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Rebecca said...

wow, kate, love these

Unknown said...

eughhh she's just the most amazing creature. so elegant and relaxed.

just watched your vice video and it wasreally good, hope you liked it, you come across really well, very interesting. keep it up :)


Elly x

Paula said...

LOve that second image. Not the biggest fan of Kate, but these are great.

Gorgeous Clara said...

I love these pics!

Unknown said...

When i think i saw evry Kate´s pics there´s always more to discover.
Nice blog, kisses from Argentina, really cool outfits.

Anonymous said...

Are these new shots? They're perfect! They really do look like vintage Kate!

Siru said...

I love how casual she looks here.

juliet xxx