Sunday, November 28, 2010


clockwise from left: a sweetiepie redhead modeling chloe sevigny for opening ceremony, suede gloves, pot plants, gemma arterton in i-D magazine, cool guy in a duffle, knitwear, socks and sandals from 'more dash less cash' september vogue, my dad.

found this little collage squirreled away from the summer. ah, god bless those days when I had hours to spend lying on my bed with the window letting in a warm breeze and crafting winter wishlist collages..

and now a few items on my mind. gorgeous little knit cardigan (look at those lovely square pockets!) some men's boots from  a.p.c and a vintage hair comb (which I think could make a suitable stocking present come christmas.)


Unknown said...

I love your collage and the items that you have in mind.

beewaits said...

Those boots are gorgeous, looks like the kind of thing you could wear all the time. xx

Federico Panarello said...


diana said...

cold days have come!!

loved the photos



Nice hair clip :)