Monday, January 10, 2011

lesley arfin/chloe sevigny/oc

Some Monday afternoon reading for you. (a metaphorical blogging biscuit break if you will, when the shock to the system of being back to work after the weekend has sunk in..) As part of her latest Opening Ceremony collaboration Chloe Sevigny has designed 6 staple dresses, each available in 5 different prints and each named after one of her best girlfriends. What a lovely little touch. My favourite, since seeing the preview of the collection back in May has been the Lesley (quite appropriate given my love for it's namesake Lesley Arfin) a flattering number with two scallop-edged breast pockets which in my eyes would be a perfect fit for a dusty Western female protagonist (think something along the lines of Sissey Spacek in Badlands). You can choose from gingham, leopard, polkadot, paisley, or a small floral. Nothing like the concept of pick and mix to pull my heartstrings and open my wallet.

Opening Ceremony have interviewed Lesley for their blog, and have asked her New Years resolutions and if which items she'd steal from Chloe Sevigny's closet given the chance.. Read it here.

EDIT: To those of you that have asked, the collection is out on January 15th.


Anonymous said...

When is her collection available online?! There's nothing on the website

discotheque confusion said...

The collection is out on the 15th January!