Tuesday, January 11, 2011


clockwise from left: david bowie badges from his australian 'Low' tour/ steve mcqueen, 1963/ mathilda riccardi at closet visit, / julian schulman residence 1957/ topshop boutique knitted pants / clogs worn with thick knit socks, sartorialist/ dossing indoors, wearing tights and knickers ala turnedout.tv /

Hmm, bare chests and bare legs. It's not a very seasonally appropriate moodboard is it? Looking through some photos from Summer 2010 earlier I found myself pining after the sunshine so I can wander with my legs out, let the sun warm my hair a nice strawberry blonde and sleep with warm air coming through the window. Very premature wishes indeed given we're two weeks into January but I'm assuming they are the sublimal reasons behind these spring geared pictures. Clearly haven't quite let go of the winter though; this picture from The Sartorialist has heightened my need for some nice thick marl socks to wear with my clogs which I shall dig out of my cupboard before I return back to Manchester this week.

Tonight I've listened to Low by David Bowie about 4 times continuously. He is probably my favourite musician but because of his huge back catalogue of work there are still so many albums for me to discover. I grew up on Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory, but I've seriously fallen in love with Low, too. Completely different from the former two but very much suited to my current mood. Produced by Brian Eno and with a very Tilda Swinton-esque front cover.


Kellie said...

It seems like all bloggers start dying for spring to come as soon as the holidays are over. All my inspiration boards lately have been springy, too!

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

i have to tell you i love your blog
xoxo C


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Wah, brilliant David Bowie badges! And isn't that picture of Steve McQueen swoony.

suus said...

Haha I love that album, and the cover! I did a presentation for toni and guy and my haircut was inspired by this cover, obviously my hair looks amazing!!!

ediot said...

such great picks you're sharing here. love them
thanks a lot for sharing. i like the moodboard-even if it's not that seasonally appropriate ;)
hope you're having a good beginning of the week


Cassie said...

Ah, knitted pants!! Dreamed of them since D&G a/w 10 show. No idea what I'd wear them with mind, but now an affordable pair are out, I might just have to get creative.


Anonymous said...

Low was the first Bowie album that I listened to, when I was a kid, 'cause my mother has it on vinyl and he was one of her favorites artists, so I used to listen to it a lot ;) Now he has become one of my fave singers too, and Warszawa, Sound and Vision, or Subterraneans are one of my fave tracks from the album ;)

Love the McQueen pic and the one from the sartorialist :)


Jessica Jane said...

I really love your moodboards!


R A said...

So happy you reminded me of one of my favourite Bowie albums!