Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wrapping up

Duffle Coat, Uniqloicon/ Perfume, Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier/ Tote by Margaret Howell
Tartan Scarf, Lands Endiconicon/ Dress, Topshop Boutique / Plain Moleskineicon/ Navy and White 420, New Balance/

Ah, January. That grey month when bitter fingers and continuous rainfall are still the norm, and because it feels like Spring may never come warm cosy clothes to get you through the grey days are paramount. It's raining cats and dogs outside and impending exams are looming over my head-this is my perfect 'sling on some layers and run to the library' outfit. See pockets on Uniqlo duffle which are perfect for burying fingers and biros and a bag of nuts for snack time.


Anonymous said...

Love that you've added a pair of New Balance runners to this. The duffle looks so cozy.

Unknown said...

The coat is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

love the coat, it looks warm and comfy. And the dress is really cute, like the Margaret Howell. We have a sunny day here in Alicante (Spain) but I also have to study for my exams so I can't enjoy the hot weather :S


Anonymous said...

Love the tartan scarf! So cute! x

Elna said...

oh my god, i love love love Classique! I noticed you put it on your christmas gifts post and realized i got it for christmas last year. i really do have a slight obsession... the duffle looks amazing too - i literally live in my beige duffle at the moment, big snuggly coats are amazing!
Please carry on writing your awesome blog, you get me throug the day!
Elna xxx

disothequeinfusion said...

got the moleskin the other day, gosh!

Cara said...

The duffle coat looks looks heavenly <3

We have to wear our uniform coat (a big thick green one that's NOT a duffle sadface) so my dream of wearing that coat 23/7 -with biros burrowed in the pockets- has ended before it has even begun :(