Friday, April 15, 2011


Phew! Back home in Bristol and appreciating the chance to recharge batteries and spend deliciously un-rock 'n' roll evenings indoors with full reign over the cooking or curling up on the sofa with a cat. These are a couple of pictures snapped on my phone this week.
1. the white carnations that my Mum had left waiting for me in my room when I got back.
2. ashton court in the drizzle. me and jo zipped ourselves into anoraks, packed homemade pizzas, scones and a couple of apples into our bags and enjoyed a three hour walk around the city having our first proper catch up for months.


Unknown said...

Ahhh, enjoy your time at home! Very nice pictures.. xxx

Unknown said...

It is always a relief to go home in the holidays huh! Enjoy it, and hope the essays and revision aren't being too kill-joy

cellulite cream review said...

I always agree with the saying "home is where your heart is". Going home is one of the most relaxing activities for me. And your mom is so sweet for leaving carnations in your room. :)