Thursday, April 28, 2011

models and tomboys

Two sweet videos of British models Hannah Noble and Molly Smith. The videos give a sense of the safety of the suburban home lives of these girls where they can kick footballs in the street or lie around talking about dreams and be true teenage girls, away from the demands of fashion weeks and intense photoshoots. Also worth noting, Hannah Noble is also a footballer and plays for Stratford Town Girls F.C. Girls will always gain extra cool points in my eyes if they play football or skateboard. Probably because my fear of scabby knees would always trump any ambitions I may have had of becoming a fully-fledged tomboy!

I remember piling onto a bus as a tiny 5 year old to go to after-school Football Club in the midst of all things Girl Power in the 1990s when Sporty Spice was urging us to join in with the boys. Sadly I was much too shy and as with just about every club my Mum tried to get me to go along to, it didn't last long. I remember my flashing Barbie trainers and that wary feeling of being so small amongst everybody else and lots of brilliantly wet mud which me and my friend jumped around in instead of kicking the ball.


Kate said...

These videos are awesome. They are so genuine and kind of raw- thanks for sharing!

Acid Wallpaper said...

Sporty spice.. style icon of our generation. I would a million percent wear light up trainers now.


Anonymous said...

I love so much !!!


Unknown said...

I had this exact experience with swimming club! They put me up a class with all the older kids and I was so shy that I quit. I still feel folorn whenever I get in a swimming pool (a bit).