Monday, April 18, 2011

unique aw11


Some of my photographs from the Topshop Unique show back in February. The playful-ness of the collection; models with cute drawn on puppy noses and the accompaniment of kanine themed tunes (think Puppy Love and Cruella De Vil) made the whole show so much fun. When last season's Unique show ended I kind of sat there thinking 'what..?', baffled by the odd Footballers Wives meets Las Vegas escort aesthetic but this time I was grinning and wondering why dalmatian prints hadn't been embraced earlier as 'the best idea ever'. The old Billingsgate Fishmarket building with it's tall arches and columns felt a very era-appropriate backdrop for the 1920s fur wraparounds and silky pyjamas, and I felt like I should continue my day in I Capture The Castle fashion, smelling of lilac and buying Tangee lipstick. Well, I Capture The Castle did feature as I zipped up my mac and set off in the drizzle to meet Hannah from the blog of the same name to share a sandwich and some tea in the Tate cafe and hide from the misty London gloom.


hannah-rose said...

i love your pictures.. you're right - it was very playful and fun. fashion not taking itself *too* seriously. i keep dreaming of that nordic bakery. if only there was something in sydney to equal it for gingery-bread and great coffee.

hope you're well!!


Geneva Vanderzeil said...

I ADORE this collection. Coolest hair and boots ever.really want to DIY the dalmatian print... x

Seraphina said...

God, I wish I was at that show! Topshop never fails to impress me -- and the shoes... mmmm.

Really enjoying the blog sweetie, keep up the good work!

- Sephy x

Marnie said...

I love the fact that you took these photos yourself; they're fab!

young-shields said...

i LOVED this collection. that first shot is ke-wll xxx