Friday, April 01, 2011


minji kim on closet visit/ lovely cats eye sunglasses and portfolio clutch, both from topshop/ alisa on trendy crew/ a particularly satisfying bagel I made myself the other week/ emi kameoka's glittery nails/ absolute foot perfection! (via urban outfitters blog)- my mum has a pair of sandals like this, and I'm after some for summer too. maybe in an ideal world lots of different coloured pairs for coordinating with painted toenails..?

I don't think 'Happy April Fools' is really the right expression, but April 1st feels like a special day, one step closer to 'real' Spring so have a lovely day and weekend!

EDIT: I meant to recommend this little DIY nail video which is very sweet and makes ventures into all things glittery nail related look very easy.


Lizaboo said...

Cute pics! The bagel makes me hungry xx :o)

Unknown said...

Love this mood board ! Especially the soup (yummy !)

See U !

20thCgirl said...

Glittery nails FTW. I wish I could stop chewing mine - I'd love to be able to paint them.

blue roses said...

i really dig the black clutch!

Anonymous said...

The sparkly nails are enticing.