Wednesday, June 01, 2011

style icon: lobster men

Just 24 hours left to crawl through and I can be done with these tiresome exams and gallop around singing Alice Cooper's 'Schools Out'. Woo. Even though the knowledge that in a couple of weeks I'll have to box up my little room and schlep back home for the summer is quite bittersweet; I can't believe my first year of University has wrapped up already.

So to bide time, a collage of lobster men, the true purveyors or maritime style. The matching yellow trousers that came along with my fisherman mac are still stowed under my bed as I haven't really known what to do with them. But to be a true lobster fisherman it's the amber overalls that are the ubiquitous uniform- a guy who lives upstairs in my block actually wears cotton fabric overalls like these and looks brilliant. 

It was Alison who inspired me to post this, as after going through my archives and finding this old Q+A post (which I'm going to recreate soon as it is alwas interesting to hear what everybody is wearing, watching, reading, crushing on) and her definition of her style icons as 'lobstermen and pioneers, with the spirit of Michelle Phillips and James Dean' was probably the most perfect sentence I've set eyes on all week..

Here's to baseball caps, waterproofs in a thousand shades of tangerine and style on the seven seas..


Anonymous said...

i love wearing baseball caps!! cheers to you for biggin' them up!

Emma said...

i love this.

sight said...

I love the jumpers!