Thursday, July 07, 2011

Markus Lupfer Resort 2011

Instead of opting for a presentation or a lookbook to show off his Resort 2011 collection, Markus Lupfer has teamed up with director Tabitha Denton and stylist Aldene Johnson to create this brilliantly witty short film which parodies science documentaries of bygone eras. Lab coated analysts poke and prod their dysfunctional yet stylish specimens and I couldn't watch without feeling like I was sitting behind a wooden bench with bunsen burner fumes wafting under my nose, as if I was back in a school science lesson. While I don't think the big names are necessary to make the video work and the collection itself I think took a backseat, I can overlook these blips and applaud a fashion film which goes down a different path from the whimsical style-porn fests that have become de rigueur of lookbook videos. I also find myself oddly drawn to the brilliant gabbling 'monologists' played by Liddie Holt and Jan De Villeneuve- "but then I couldn't believe it, there was a flamingo carrying my clutch bag."-they're just the kind of mad Aunts I'd like at my table for Christmas.

Video via Elisabeth who had her ear to the ground.


Becky said...

quite innovation
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danielle said...

Ha! Those ladies were great. I liked the bit at the end where she pushed his hand off her shoulder. I don't think I'll ever get bored of science parodies.

susie said...

yay for less serious fashion film! thanks for sharing :)