Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 things

1. Red Stripe Kitchen by Martha Rosler. 2. Image  of the ultimate Parka hood from Stevie Dance's blog


Anonymous said...

red and white. so matchy match

jose said...

I really like the Red Stripe piece.

Like it's super evocative, and got me thinking.

War isn't out on the news anymore like it was in the 60's. Instead much of the raw footage skips the middle man and goes straight through youtube.

Furthermore with the onset of the digital era, pretty much any soldier becomes a photo journalist. Thus making the conflicts to come some of the most chronicled conflicts yet.

Anyway, Red Stripe very effectively shows how the vietnam war permeated into everyday life in the 60's age of television. However, I'm curious to know what a contemporary artist would do in response to youtube bringing home the war in afghanistan...

Another thing of note in terms of contemporary society is that in spite of all that stuff out on youtube, I really don't think people understand the "why?" of it all.

I guess it's the dissonance brought on by a mass of media with no journalistic context.

So what do you think?