Saturday, February 11, 2012

jah bless

Novelty Flamingo sunglasses/ Gold Flatforms, Topshop Unique / Terry towelling beach shirt/ US Army camouflage jacket/ rum cocktail/ Ian Fleming's 'Dr No.'

Is it wrong to be dreaming away the days thinking about Vitamin D induced sunshine-comas? They say that this is a mild New England winter, and I shall remain respectful and smile as I warmly proclaim 'Mm, yes, toasty!' and rub my hands together convincingly but there is only so much wind chill I can take. I need some rays, man! So I'm incredibly excited to have just booked a trip to Jamaica with a couple of friends from UMass for Spring Break. Hurrah! Now my life goes like this: nodding off in front row of Maritime History class: dreaming of rum cocktails. Waiting in line at the dining commons omelette counter: humming Harry Belafonte. Saying goodbye to the teaching assistant at the end of a discussion: mentally saying 'have a blesss day.' In my fantasies I look like Kate Moss in novelly sunglasses, drink in hand, army jacket slung over my shoulders..

On a side note, we used to sing 'Jamaica Farewell' in assemblies at my primary school, 300 small children with one combined patois accent.

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blue roses said...

sounds like it will be a total blast..... lots of mai tais, nixon's favorite cocktail, purportedly. i went to school in upstate new york, gray and snowing for 6 months, harry belafonte and dreams of sunshine are the way to make it through!