Thursday, February 02, 2012


I've now been living in Amherst for two weeks! Time is flying already- I feel like I'm just settling in and getting the hand of things so hopefully this can be the end of the fallow blogging period. As somebody who has always lived in big cities it certainly feels very different to find myself in a New England town which, though bolstered by a two university communities otherwise feels quite 'small town'. I'm enjoying it though, the night before last I ventured over to Northampton to watch Shame with a friend (beautiful film, beautiful score) and enjoy a lamb shawarma. I've learnt to embrace the half-time entertainment at the Ice Hockey and Basketball games (which involves shouting 'YOU SUCK!' to the tune of Gary Glitter's Rock And Roll Part 2.. They don't seem to know about Gary Glitter's 'other side' here so they don't have qualms about doing this.) I've met somebody called 'Zeus' and I've also contributed a couple of pieces to the Arts section of the paper, something I always said I'd do back in Manchester but never got around to. I've felt super motivated since I arrived and it feels good. I know I'll only have 5 months here and want to make the most of it and spend less time being one of those people who 'says' and start being someone who 'does'. 


blue roses said...

i miss my small university town... ithaca. we also chanted "you suck" during hockey. a lot. horrible rink to play an away game.

the campus looks lovely! i cannot wait to hear more about your adventures abroad here in the states. i hope you get the chance to travel a bit, if anything, around the east coast. i am sure you are making tons of friends, but let me know if you want any friendly suggestions.

Tala said...

yay ! this is so exciting, glad you are living it up :)

Genie said...

this is so weird!
I've been reading your blog forever and I'm actually from western mass. I was like yo, is that a amherst cinema ticket?! so craze.....!