Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring in the air

Fuzzy Grey Cropped Sweater, Etsy/ A-line wool skirt, Cos/ Clematis Clutch, Christopher Kane/ Butterfly Hairslide (part of a set), Topshop/ Lace up shoes, Topshop/ Dr. Bronner's Magic Almond soap/ Compact mirror, Paul and Joe.

Spring is in the air! Or at least it's temporarily hanging out as a little preview of what is to come. I keep getting caught out when I step outside each morning and having to run to a bathroom to strip off the multiple vests I've been in the habit of layering underneath my clothes. For some reason when it's really sunny on this campus, the light is particularly penetrating and since losing my sunglasses it's impossible to walk around without watery eyes and unavoidable Scream style facial expressions. This is one of the downsides to the sunshine. It is however putting a 'spring' (heh) into my step and making me want to buy new things. I fully acknowledge the urge to buy new things as 'spring fever' when the new magazine campaigns come out and chide you into thinking that wearing cheekily bright skirts and carrying a Christopher Kane clematis bag would just make things so much better. But it would, I'm sure of it.

After staying at my old couchsurfing base in Brooklyn this weekend I've also fallen back in love with Dr Bronner's Magic Liquid soap. I stole a bit while I was having a shower and used it as shampoo. Usually the whole 'all-in-one' concept doesn't appeal to me when it comes to bath products but, there's something about Dr Bronners. Who knows, maybe it's the use of the word 'magic' that butters me up-either way, it felt nice to use something gentle in my hair and fuss free to then use the same magic to wash my toes. I only ever seem to use Dr Bronner's when I'm staying at other people's houses. So perhaps it down the the psychology of showering in other people's bathrooms. Novelty and choice! 'Ooh, I always wondered if this conditioner was any good..' Yoink. Or, 'ooh, they have such nice sponges. Proper sponges. And a pumice stone! I should start using a pumice stone. Mmm pumice stone.' Come to think of it, I quite like showering at other peoples houses. Is that weird?

(Soundtrack to my sunny morning walks into university-Cosmic Trip by Air)


elisabeth said...

LOVE this wishlist, especially the skirt, COS are doing the most perfect A - Line skirts at the moment!and those shoes have played on my mind for ages now, everytime i go into Oxford Circus i try them on, have you seen them in the taupe?

and lolz to our parallel brains :D it's like having a really crappy superpower but totally awesome at the same time haha

ImmaculataAppiah said...

Aha, I can so relate to you about spring I'm so excited but still so unprepared for this warm weather! I've seen similar brogues in office and I definitely want a pair!

Jade said...

I can totally picturing myself wearing these brogues + skirt, with the Air song playing in the my daydreams.

A. said...

this is so nice stevie! i love it. dr. bronner's lavender bar soap is my current favourite, mmhmm

ouestladiscotheque said...

I saw a lady on the train today wearing possibly that exact skirt and she was about 50, I wish I'd had the balls to tell her she was totally rocking it. Molly xo

Alice said...

I was staying over and doing dishes cuz I'm a nice person and they had Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day soap...never realized how a nice dish soap/soap in general can really be a big deal haha