Friday, February 17, 2012


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Currently on my mind: Jeeps! I always used to go on 'gas guzzling' tirades when I was younger and still don't dig the idea of wasting vast amounts of petrol for the purpose of car vanity but all of a sudden I really rather like jeeps. It's a combination of seeing nice battered black Wranglers zipping around Amherst driven by men with sheepskin denim jackets and nice dogs, watching The Descendants and that photography of girl crush Lulu Kennedy sitting on her own jeep.

Dazed and Confused March 2012. Frida Aasen, a monkey with his goolies on show and the cover line "2012: IF IT'S NOT EXCITING, YOU'RE NOT DOING IT PROPERLY." I like. (Incidentally, if 2012  hasn't been all that exciting for you, hold tight. Don't take this as an attack on your demeanour; It is winter after all. Things usually get better when your face stops being the same colour as the sole of a ghosts foot. I'm saying this because that face is mine, right now.)

Meadham Kirchoff SS12 nail art. Put your hands up if you missed out on the Topshop x Meadham Kirchoff nail art? Yessir, me too. Here's to friends with steady hands and friday nights with candy coloured nail varnish splayed in front of the television.

Alexa Chung's Fashion Week nails. When you've mastered and tired of the Meadham Kirchoff prettiness, try out these evil eye designs, a la Alexa. Slightly more grown up but that may also be because they subliminaly say 'I've got my eye on you.'

Sherry Younge. I found out about Sherry Younge because I've been getting really into her husband Adrian Younge's productions and music. Sherry is a stylist at The Artform Studio, a record store-cum-vintage hair studio-arts collective hangout in Los Angeles and always wears amazing vintage frames and sixties dos. I also highly recommend you add Adrian Younge on Facebook as he posts absolutely brilliant songs everyday (From Donald Byrd to his own mixes) Basically they're an all-round stylish musical couple with heaps of fantastic taste between them.

Nipples in vest tops. That liberating moment of the day when you've taken your bra off and you're brushing your teeth in a vest and a pair of knickers and feeling pretty good. That moment should be an all-day long thing. (Photograph, Chloe Sevigny by Christian Witkin, 1997)

Jamaica daydreaming. When I told my Aunt that I've just booked a trip for Jamaica she sent me an email with the line "I'm thinking of you wearing something cool and floaty that shows off your endless cafe au lait tanned legs, barefoot in the warm, white sand, nibbling on jerked red snapper, sipping a rum cocktail/icey cold Red Stripe, reggae beats pulsating lazily in the ganja-scented night air." Holla idealistic daydreaming! She wrote it to be taken with a massive pinch of salt, naturally, but I'm blithely ignoring any notion that this won't be the exact template for my holiday and dreaming of ice cold Red Stripe all the same. (This is a brilliant Red Stripe advert from 2002.)


taffetaramblings said...

Great mood board! love all the insights as well. Jamaica sounds amazing & very day dream worthy. love love love Chloe, she can do no wrong! xxx

Trix said...

Like the blog but have to call you out on this one: I guess you know from statistics that most of your readers are female ("That liberating moment of the day when you've taken your bra off") - but we're definitely not all Caucasian ("Things usually get better when your face stops being the same colour as the sole of a ghosts foot").

lara said...

sweet nails, wish i was skilled enough to paint mine in an actual design rather than 'dark-blue-so-the-smudges-don't-show' xx

discotheque confusion said...

Hey Trix. That was actually a thinly veiled reference to my own sallow face right now, but you're right, maybe too veiled.. Thanks for pointing it out X

emma. said...

Chloe is cool... But your Aunt sounds even cooler !