Monday, February 12, 2007

Fashion Smashion: London Special

London Fashion Week

Sunday 11th February

Post Feature: Topshop Unique
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I was a little disappointed by the topshop unique collection, because it seemed to be trying to incorporate too many different styles into the collection. Folkish knitted coats meet sharp, androgenous high waisted trousers and navy jumpsuits. Liltte house on the praire folklore plays with sharp city girl suits. And I couldn't help but notice that the chunky wooden heels and opaques were reminisent of the Chloe Autumn 06 collection.
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However, although at first, I thought there were too many different colours used I love all of them individually; the rich autumnal red and purples and the olive bubble sleeved coat are lovely, and the vivid blue used in the following three outfits is a stand out for me. I would love all three of the outfits, if it wasn't for the fact that the first reminds me of the tight, angle grazing velvet trousers my Media Studies teacher, and I'm sure that Topshop aren't after my 50 something teacher as a muse for their collection!

Topshop Unique Key Looks

High Waisted trousers and jumpsuits (circa Topshop Unique Spring 07)
Chunky circular belts
Chloe-esque wooden shoes
Contrast of earthy tones with rich purples and reds
Sleeves- (I'm a big fan of all the different types!) ruched, capped,
bell shaped...shall I continue?

Ben de Lisi
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Ben de Lisi steered his collection in the Grungey Glam by mixing sexy low necklines, flowing skirts and metallics with gothy opaques, vampire collared coats and boots that were the love children shoes of Dr Marten and Giles incorporating clunky attitude with gold spikey cuffs.

Ben de Lisi Key Looks

Halter necks
Low necklines
Skinny Suits
Round collared coats
Goth Glitz and Bling


molly said...

im slightly disappointed with this lot..

ashley heaton said...

a lot of the topshop stuff seems like such a chloe ripoff! but i do love the outfit with the blue pants and belt :)

Ella Gregory said...

i find london fashion week rather dull.
even though i think london is an amazing city, the fashion council really need to make it better.
i went last year and it was so boring.
and i agree with you topshops collection is rather dissapionting.

Ella Gregory said...

hahahahahahh your last comment made me laugh a lot.
the jc victoria comparisson is rather on the mark. they have both attempted the solo carear and failed. although i think jc is slightly more talented than vb.

Flashy_Shades said...

love today's bite my style, alexander wang is super cool

Q said...

Damn it, why can't Top Shop come to podunk small-town America already? It's killing me!