Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's gettin hot in herrrre!

For me, this whole picture was a learning curve.

An unknown model in an unknown label.

Ajuma Nasanyana in Myself by Kai Kuhne

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never has head to toe grey looked so bloody fantastic. and the cirtus green adds a bit of punchy zest!


Lana said...

She is beautiful and the color suits her very good!

alluretone said...

niceeee. love it!

The Glossy Editor said...

Love! I'm having a "sporty" moment myself right now...yearning for a windbreaker?? Myself is from the former NY As Four collective.

Anonymous said...

yeah posted bout this too in my blog... it's such a nice piece! really loved to have it! love the greygreygrey and neon!