Friday, February 23, 2007

Mad about the Boy

Why is menswear so great at the moment? It adds a whole new meaning to the word androgenous! Forget dressing like a boy, I want to be a boy! Here are my top picks..

PS, Check it out! Viktor and Rolf modeled their Autumn show themselves. Still can't work out how they got changed quick enough, though?...

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Etro, Calvin Klein, Viktor and Rolf

Wooden Clogs?! Genius!

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Comme Des Garcons, Viktor and Rolf, Comme des Garcons

Pop Art, kitsch colours and icon badges get together to create some Cartoon chic.

Bow Ties

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D&G, D&G, Costume National

The first kind of reminds me of the Giles D furry hat dress, but obviously about 3x smaller!
But loving the Dandy Glitz.

More on it's way...


Pret a Porter P said...

i'm really liking CDG

mareGa said...

Yellow. I really like it.

María said...

I love the blue velvet suit. I want one!

Siobhan said...

i like the cartoon look alot! I also wish I could carry yellow off better and I was away on holiday but now I'm back and posting lots again! :]
x x x x x

a said...

i love the comme des garcons suit, it makes me want to be a rich man

-S said...

i agree, menswear is amazing at the moment!

alluretone said...

i really like calvin klein, d&g and v&r- how the hell did they model their own collection?!

Flavia Flanders said...

yellow is my favourite color.
+´molly g.+

Lana said...

So typical Netherlands those clogs, whaha. Funny that V&R walked in their own show!

Looking at all the looks, I strangely like all the clothes they are wearing (that yellow patent jacket <3!) Okay, not the tuxedo's :P.

maya said...

i love it all! but seriously you shouldnt wish you were a boy. girls can wear all this stuff to and have the pleasure of being able to wear makeup, cry whenever we want, have nice ympathetic friends etc.

Chloé said...

The gold lamé shirt is fabulous.

molly said...

it makes me wish i was a man. a rich man.

T said...

cool post! haha it would be funny if guys actually dressed like that at my school

but.... i have a question ♥
u have the new blogger right?
im trying to put a picture at the top of my page but i have no idea how! could you or anynone tell me how?
thanks XX ♥

Model Citzen said...

great minds think alike! yellow is so my color right now btw!

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