Friday, February 16, 2007

Street Style Bitch!

First of all, apologies to these two girls for not having posted this sooner....

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I came across these two "pretties" in my local topshop, and loved their looks, and, excuse the cheese, their lovely smiles! Both quite different, but equally interesing.

In the haste of the moment, I forgot to ask their names, so lets have a bit of fun and think of them as Miss X (left) and Miss Z (right)!

Miss X reworks classroom chic by pairing a modern pinafore style dress with a cute cropped plaid coat. For a wintery air, she does Zooey Deschanel proud in a pair of opaques.

I like the way Miss Z supersizes her portions with an oversized v neck, and looks effortless in the process! Playing mermaids with a shell necklace is a good way to add a bit of seaside nostalgia, and dream about summer coming back!



Ella Gregory said...

i do like miss x's look a lot
great idea.

the new teen voge is good, i love the a-z issues too. i think c and d should be for our blogs though.

i keep all my teen vogues along with my elle's glamour's vogue's and all the other magazines.
its surprising that i still have space for clothes.

i heard that about VB as well, I think it's just another example of her trying too hard. Dont make a point of hiring curvy models when you started the skinny look.

FIFI LAPIN said...

i love miss x's look but think miss z could be a little more adventurous - imagine that necklace longer waist length even. not very practical but just imagine!
a little invite...

What's Haute said...

liking the plaid top