Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mixtapes Rule OK!

Hey everyone, sorry for the spaces in between posts that seem to be growing longer and longer...

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so heres a little note to say hi, and to let those who have asked, know the playlist for my mix on this page. Some little blurbs are added for context!

1. The first song is one of my favourites and is called Writer's Block by Peter, Bjorn and John, a trio from Stockholm who make refreshingly un-euro-cheese-pop music. Later recognised this when watching the Chanel Spring 2007 Collection video, so the Kaiser is a fan too!

2. Girl by Beck. I first heard this being played on a new music show in the evenings two summers ago, and I love the cute, catchy, carefree tune that seemed to compliment the summer perfectly.

3. Ahh. Adventure by one of my favourite bands, Be Your Own Pet. From nashville, they're like the cast of skins but a lot cooler. All under the age of 20, they make music beyond their years, and lead Jemma Pearl was on the NME Cool List of 2005.

4. Standing in the way of control by The Gossip. Beth Ditto! Watch this space. This cookie baking, sized twentied, lesbian style icon will be pushing Nicole and co to the sidelines this year. Well. We can hope...

5. The Start of Something by Voxtrot- The sweetest, young romantic track I've heard. Makes me want to fall in love in spring.

6. Pop the Glock by Uffie. Miami and Paris scenekid. Love her humorous and daring lyrics that sound great alongside her posh sounding cylables and crunkin beats. aiii

7. Umbrellahead by The Mystery Jets. From a place called Eel Pie Island and containing two generations, the Mystery Jets are Mystery by name and Mystery by nature. This song is so sweet, love the piano and horse references.

8. Salvador by Jamie T- Wimbledon's raggamuffin lays down such a tuuune is the form of Salvador. Guaranteed to get all the indie girls dancing with the boys.

9. Family Conference from The Squid and The Whale soundtrack. After watching this film and enjoying its dazey, 80's soundtrack, I wanted to finish the mix on a soft note that reminds me of nostalgic and surreal moments ala Almost Famous.

S xx


MarĂ­a said...

Great music. I've never heard of some groups, but I'll do it.

a said...

i love that uffie song, and also standing in the way of control

Ella Gregory said...

it has been a long time since you posted! come back!

Q said...

Not only do we have similar tastes in fashion (save the Roitfeld offspring =P), we practically listen to the same tunes. Puh-rrrrops.

Bojana said...

Heeee I love Uffie! And that collage you made.Also, nice blog. :)

Anonymous said...

its JEMINA, not jemma, not jemima, JEMINA! argh why does everyone ALWAYS get that wrong. one of your favourite bands eh?

discotheque confusion said...


wow, you're um, passionate.

but please try to calm down! If you're going to make a point, you might as well tell us your name rather than chickening out by clicking the anonymous box.


S xx