Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: Mischa Barton

I'm normally more into talking about up and coming style icons (eg, Rinko Kikuchi), people with individual style (Chloe Sevigny) or real people (National Portrait girl, below) but everyone has guilty pleaures don't they?

And I think one of mine is LA "Zoebot" It Girls.

And Mischa Barton is no exception, and I think shes really found her own look recently. Shes still wearing her folky, shift dresses but she seems to be incorportaing leather jackets, smart jackets, metallics and grown up bags into her routine, and I like the results.

Here are some of my "Mischa Picks" from her outfits from over the last couple of months.

Street Style

Every celebrity has their favourite accessories. For Kirsten Dunst, its her Raybans and Stella McCartney heels, for Mary Kate its those Balenciaga boots, and for Mischa its her new Bay bag and of course, little Ziggy!

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I love her leather jacket, I bought one a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to take it off! Its like my new skin. And check out those metallic peep toe platforms. I'm in love.


T said...

wow she looks great in all of those pics!

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh, I'm loving Mischa's many looks too. She seems like the only Zoebot that manages to let her personality shine through her outfits (as opposed to just being Rachel's dress up dolly!). Mischa seems to have a real sense of style (so far away from Marissa Cooper) and knows how clothes work on her figure. Adorable! (And always in great shoes......) Mrs F x

Siobhan said...

i really like mischa's style aswell she is just very graceful and always looks quite good x x x

Emma said...

oye. the zo-bots scare me.
i mean, really, i know it's scary to actually dress yourself in the morning, but put on your big girl pants and do it, ladies. just fire rachel-zoe the ho-ey and get over yourselves.

but of all the idiots, mischa barton is by far the cutest and best dressed. even if she can't act her way out of a paper bag.

let's face it, the shoes can be as important as the talent.

Q said...

She dresses great, but I don't appreciate it as much as, say, Zooey Deschanel. You know Mischa's got her 17 stylists to offer their two cents before she leaves the house.

Flavia Flanders said...

i totally love misha's style.. gorgeous and knows how to wear fashion..
+molly g.+

a said...

she is SO stylish it sickens me. not really, but still. although I'll never really respect her because of her lame attempts at acting.

Ella Gregory said...

i love mischa, although i think she looks better casual in the day then on the red carpet.
and her dog is so damn cute.
i love the LA girls. you cant deny they look amazing and influence fashion.

-S said...

as much as i hate mischa, the girl can dress. albiet with the aid of a stylist, but still...

Anonymous said...

quirky. I like her. great song u've got there! heard it in the radio but had been to lazy to look up the artist..

john said...

she look wooaaa great :)