Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank God.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Part II

After the rise of the brunettes, it seems that over in LA LA Land, the insey binsey it-girls are going back to their sunkissed roots (ahem, no pun intended..)

Britney (duhh, the wig!) Lindsay, and now Mary Kate. And thank god. As much as a love MK, the whole dead witch look was beginning to tire me.

I want to see her go a little more glamorous now. So less of the cali-goth, please!

Who next? Anyone but Cameron, I love it too much!


T said...

THANK GOD! i love love love her new hair to bits. lol.

i also really like her outfit. those ysl sandals are gorgeous.

once again i love everything about your blog ♥

-S said...

i love how she went back to a more natural colour for her skin tone! so she no longer looks washed out!

Mrs Fashion said...

Hurrah! Mary-Kate returns to the land of living. Loving her honey-coloured hair.
Mrs F x

Clare said...

She looks lovely.

Miss V. said...

Yes! Her new hair looks fabulous!

Ella Gregory said...

i much prefer her with honey blonde hair than the uber bright almost old lady white hair.
it much more flattering.

maya said...

i love camerons hair so much! i hope she never goes back

Ella Gregory said...

i'd love to have been serious about moving to LA. Think of all the tanning time, but I think it is rather un likely for the moment. Especially as my friend Jack doesn't like sunlight.
And it is Lenny Kravitz.

Unknown said...

She looks less like an old hag. SEXY.