Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Night a DJ saved My Life

Leigh Lezark is my current girl crush. Shes the cleaner, cooler Cory Kennedy of 2007.

Yes, Cory you may be a cute little indie kid, but go away and don't come back until you've had a shower and used some dental floss.

This east coast babe is the current queen of monochrome, without looking like either a cliched Edie Sedgewick wannabe or stuck in the 90's goth.

And even after a night of sweaty DJing, her hair still manages to remain that "Go on, run your fingers through me!" gloss.

Out with boy crushes, they're so boring and unpredictable, and get yourself some girl eye candy!

PS, If you're a fan of Leigh's stay tuned because you can vote for her as the Unknown Style Icon in Sunniva's hunt over at


Q said...

Leigh has been featured in all the Vogue mags in the US (Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc.). She got her start in the fashion/music industry by being a fit model at the Factory. It's interesting that the high fashion crowd is raving over her when she comes off as goth and alternative.

Anonymous said...

like her like her style like her looks shes soo pretty

Courtly Love said...

Leigh is adorable, but I've heard that she's a stuck up bitch. I hope that's not true.

But yay for girl crushes! The Brad Pitt/Adam Brody thing just isn't my cup of tea either.

Ella Gregory said...

your right she is very cool. she looks like a cross between mandy more and sophie ellis bextor but in a good way.
im loving your posts at the moment.

maya said...

very pretty and much cooler than alot of other 'indie' girls.

The mix tape on your blog stops after the 2nd song for me. Does it do that normally or is it just my computer?

molly said...

yesss girl crushes. boys are so lame.
i have like eighty girl crushes, but its all mk, cory kennedy, etc.
youre much more creative

Anonymous said...

Girl crushes are the shit... However mine seem to be lame like Hilary Duff, so hopefully since my girl crushes are so pathetic I must have better taste in boys? Right?

Leigh is pretty cool. The only issue I have is that she always looks so clean and pulled together. I want to mess her hair up.

Style Spot said...

This is so freaky..I've started a new "hunt" now (right now it's Peaches Geldof vs. Lily Allen) and earlier today I just put up a list of who is going to be vs. who...and I've put up Leigh Lezark vs. Cory Kennedy (:p) and then I checked out your blog and there you mention both of them in the same post..haha..maybe we have this telepathic thing going on or something :p

well, I know who you will vote for then anyway ;)

Great post <3

Model Citzen said...

i laughed my ass off with this post, go away cory kennedy and floss! hysterical. As cute as she is (no denying that) the girl does look dirty.

thecoherent said...

isn't her dirtiness that people are attracted to? that's what i've always thought.