Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's your Style Icon of 2027?

Most of us are in agreement about who our style icons are? Kate Moss, MK and Ashley, Chloe Sevigny, Sienna, the Zoebots.

So there's no need to go on about them, we've seen it all before. But what about the style icons of the future? Have a peek below and lets have a little vote for our favourite style icon of the future.

  • Both Kingston and Maddox sport mohicans, are they onto something?
  • What about Lila Grace, who takes after mum Kate by wearing ballet slippers and mini dresses?
  • Apple plays along with family traditions in hippyish halternecks, converse and "yes, I'm vegan!" knitted hats.
Here are some snaps of some of the Generation...uh..... (are we onto A now?) 's finest moments.

1. Lila Grace Moss

Finest moment: Having Pete Doherty as an influence in her life,

Trademark look: Metallic ballet flats, hair accessories, and lollypops!

Beauty tip: "Stay away from drugs, they're
bad for your skin. Oh...."

2. The Pitt Jolies

Finest moment: Every sunday when the family they visit orphanages. So fun.

Trademark look(s): Maddox favours the rebellion look with mohicans and khakis, for Zahara its crochet nadanas and beanies, Whereas Shiloh plays it natural by channeling to Jolie trout pout.

Beauty Tip: "Beauty comes from within, man."

3. Apple Martin

Finest moment: Lounging on Valentino's yacht.

Tradmark look: Apple Marin works to "I'll have mine with Soya" look.
Thats right, in converses, "About a Boy" beanies and fairtrade halternecks.

Beauty Tip: "Its
all about the mactobiotics..."

4. Kingston Rossdale

Finest moment: Having a little chat live on air with Jo Whiley when Gwen popped into Radio 1. Altogether, now "Aw!"

Trademark look: Kingston's a designer baby, so its stictly Dior and LAMB, with his favourite Adidas jacket thrown into the mix. And don't forget that quiff!

Beauty tip: "Its all about Cleanse, tone moisturise! And I personally love to exfoliate my skin with pure gold."

5. Coco Arquette

Finest moment: Getting snapped by the paps helping Mum Courtney pick up Pumpkins for halloween. The ultimate autumn chic snap.

Trademark look: Colourful tights, smock dresses, cute smile.

Beauty Tips "Like, I live in Cali, so its totally important to have a sunkissed complexion all year round."


maya said...

sylish and cute, what a perfec mixture.
seriously though, that moss girl looks much to big to be carried, she's almost as big as kate. in he height department i mean, shes prbably fatter than her already.

Model Citzen said...

super cute, but poor lila grace has to deal with pete moss as a step father (potentially) the horror!

Model Citzen said...


alluretone said...

all of the pitt-jolies, apple and coco. apple is so adorable- too bad she's named apple.

MarĂ­a said...

What a great post! I like Apple. I smile comes across my face when I remember her wearing pink headphones during Live 8.

Anonymous said...

i always found maddox the cutest! he is so cool with his mohawk! I vote for the Pitt-Jolies.. ! though I think it was too clever to promise a Vietnamese a sum of money if the adoption will be accomplished, cause money is what spins the world around there and the adoption went pretty fast

-S said...

lila of course! afterall, her mother IS kate moss, and besides, when she gets older, and my dear kate is too old and won't have any contracts, lila will be able to raid her mothers closet and start a whole generation on the moss talent.

maya said...

yeah i did see her but i only got a couple of crappy pictures on my phone :(

Ella Gregory said...

there all so cute, my fave is maddox and coco. bet two of these babies date when there older. my bet is on maddox and lila.

Emma said...

i like coco the best.
and maddox is totally the most ass-kicking toddler around.
i love his little fauxhawk.

and kingston is so cute.

a said...

lila grace is definately going to be so cool. if she isn't I'll eat my hat

MK said...

kingston rocks it All DAY ERRY DAY!:P