Sunday, March 18, 2007

Let the Turban Race

Everyone has their own way of translating a look.
So why should the turban be an exception? These crafty ones have reinvented the look and made it their own, and "thats whats so great about fahhhsion, man."

On your marks, get set, go!

1. Playing it safe can still be cool.

Who says the turban has to be all about satin and glam?

Okay, Miuccia did, but shh!

On a result trip to london, I spied several fashion forward ladies who opted for the fifties housewife headgear look.

Bright and patterned Silk Scarves and thick layered ribbons are the way to go for the test run, or for those who aren't keen on translating trends straight from the runway.

2. My new best friend Twin

The Olsens are these days rather notorious for becoming martyrs of their latest fashion addiction, be it Balenciaga boots, Rayban Wayfarers or that Turban headband.

Nonetheless, I doff my hat ahem, Turban to them for not feel the need to only wear it once, "just because".

3. Eurohit

Two very different interpretations, but they both seem very at ease with their looks.

Love the contrast of the chilled out wellie boot vibe with the metallics at the french discotheque look.

4. Invent, Reuse, Restyle

As the mastermind of the reinvention of the Turban, Muiccia Prada pretty much holds the right to indulge in as many seasons of turban fun without being scolded for "jumping on the bandwagon".

And thats just what shes done. I love this look from the Prada Autumn/Winter 07 collection. The materials are harsh and wintery, but paired with the Brigiette Bardot style hair and make up, femininity still wins!

5. DIY Chic
Ahh, yes! Susie Bubble!
No explanation needed.

Image credit: Perez Hilton, PopSugar, Facehunter, Stylebubble,, styleit.wordpress


Ella Gregory said...

great post, i like the look but i would never wear it myself.
i think the olsens are over wearing it a little but i love susie bubbles version and the eurohit pics they are great finds.

Anonymous said...

ya, great post!!!
I like how Susie Bubble interpreted it. She looks more like those teens and tweens that are listening to reggae and wearing turbans to control their dread locks in Germany. but she looks fine with it, honestly

MarĂ­a said...

I like turbans. They are so comfortable. I sometimes wear a black one, when I have bad hair.

maya said...

I have huge curly hair and head bands/head scarfs/whatever tend to get lost. Im not even joking my hair is enormous. especially today. i look like im straight out of the 70's/80's. What's the song that your blog plays? i really like do you get a song?

Anonymous said...

Noiiiiiiiiiice. Who knew that turbans would be in this season? Only Prada knew.

alluretone said...

the olsens wear it the best because.. theyre the olsens. i love prada's fall07 hats too, but they kind of looks like they're made out of clay or something in that pic.

ashley heaton said...

i loved that look on the runway and on the olsens...but i tried to copy it and it looked ridiculous :( ah well.

maya said...

yeah, i do live in london so i see alot of celebrities and also quite a few people in my school have famous parents etc.
you are so lucky about having the chance of seeing the skins cast! if you ever see tony tell me. he was my childhood idol because i loved about a boy so much!

maya said...

sorry about commenting again but s junk set in bristol? i can never remember.

a said...

it's funny but I actually prefer susie bubble's to anyone else's!

Anonymous said...

I think the 50s housewife version is something I could manage--that is, more of a scarf tied atop the head rather than at the nape. The rest I just couldn't feasibly pull off. Nice recap!

Alison said...

Good post! Turbans are suddenly everywhere and I'm suprised that I don't actually mind! Actually, I like...

Miss V. said...

Amazing post! Though it can't convince me that turbans don't just belong to the runway haha.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I really hate this trend ! It reminds me of housemaids.

Love the blog.

mareGa said...

The Olsens! Love their way.

Bojana said...

Heeheee headwear is definitely inspiring bloggers ( I also wrote an article hee)

cool blog!!

Q said...

I'm pretty sure that Miuccia Prada has superpowers. She controls EVERYTHING!