Friday, May 04, 2007

The World According to Olympia Scarry

Half Austrian, half American this socialite is the granddaughter of Richard Scarry (Remember those books
!?) And despite the famous family factor, I'm rather interested in her style.
Hardly a style icon, but certainly worth a peek.

If anything for those fabulous YSL pompom heels!

Olympia injects girly touches into fun outfits with frills and pink hues.

From the front row to the after party, I like the fact that Olympia isn't another it girl. She's got an unconventional look and a healthy glow rather than going the St Tropez way.

...But she can still play dress up like all the other girls.


molly said...

i dig her style almost as much as i dig her daddys book
hey, they rock

Meg said...

Those books changed my life, I would spend actual ages looking at what the animals were doing.
I prefer the first dress on Chloe Sevigny but you're right, she's a lot more appealing than most socialites. I'm personally obsessed with the Dellal sisters, especially Alice. The girl is wicked.

A. said...

Very good point about the airbrushing, I didn't think about that.

I don't have any of here albums, but I have a handful of songs from Back to Black on constant repeat on my ipod. I love her voice and music style.

maya said...

i've never read those books. am i missing out on an important part of life?
i love the blue velvet dress in the last row. she has really good style and i am in love with those shoes!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Here is a post about Romanian issues regarding fashion & personal style (and my Cory Kennedy inspired outfit).

You probably don't know much about Romania, well, it's never too late to learn:)
Have a great day, hugs&kisses,

alluretone said...

she looks amazing in yellow and that blue velvet dress is amazing!

indigomast said...

her look is alot of fun

Ella Gregory said...

oooo wow
i recognise her from the party pages in ES magazine but i never really knew who she was
i love the top row of looks, the ruffles are so cute
i dont think she is vert attractive but i have to admit her style is fab
great post
and deffinately put up your swimmerwear post
i only did that cos i needed something to put up quickly so all my pics were limited to the Topshop page which isnt that exciting

Anonymous said...

Love all the yellow. Very pretty, sometimes adventurous and definitely cool