Thursday, June 21, 2007

7 Parts of Me

looks like the tagging frenzy is in full swing, and I'm not one to pass down the opportunity to talk about myself for a whole post. Thanks to Coco, Diana Bobar, Ashley Heaton, Fashion Food Culture Life, Jennifer and Memily Edd et al for tagging me. I'm assuming many of you will have been tagged already but mehh, knock yourselfs out Allure Fashion, Cool Like Chloe, The Dressing Room, Wife on Mars, Fashion Orgasm, Fabi, Mash. Oops..thats eight.

1. Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and The City the first time round was bedfore my bedtime, but working mt way though reruns and box sets is incredibly satisfying, and just as I am falling more and more in love with NY, it's the same for Carrie. Her bijous little appartment, funny spontaneous moments and her love affair with NY give me serious lifestyle envy! As a brit, I completely identify with her dry humour, and I always love checking out her fantastic accessories; the infamous Carrie earrings and necklace are perfect. This is more then just a girl crush!

2. NY and Paris

I am currently in the process of planning a trip to New York for next spring, and am also planning (thuogh whether this one will actually happen, time will only tell...) a weekend break in Paris at the end of the year. A cup of peppermint tea and a heap of lonely planet guides before bed is my perfect new sleeping (and perfect dream inducing) regime.
I may post more soon about these trips, in particular NY, so that you can give me some insider tips, as I know that a lot of you are big apple residents!

3. Music.
Fashion and Music are my babies. This is why I always stumble over the "would you rather" senses question (would you rather lose your eyesight or your hearing?..) Of late my Most played list on my iPod has consisted of (mostly french) europop in the form of Justice, Uffie, The Teenagers, Camille, Air. And whilst the Indie/ Electronica genre is my prefered, dabbling in old school hip hop and new school Justin Timberlake floats my boat, too.

4. Summer Holidays
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I'm just coming up the the end of the first week of my summer holidays. No more compulsory education for me! I actually forgot how fun holidays are without the stress of offputting coursework looming everywhere. Mornings are now made of dragging the duvet onto the sofa for a day of Sky+ recordings and cat stroking. Which makes a fantastic change from my ex morning hell of itchy school uniform and baggy eyes.

5. Solo Cinema
I love going alone to the cinema. Many of my friends find it odd, but I love the spontinaity of being able to pop in to any film I like and I really appreciate being able to process the film afterwards without the opinions of another person, and taking my time wandering home, reflecting, afterwards. I always remember the scene in Sex and The City where Charlotte is shocked that Carrie went alone to the Little Paris cinema, but I totally identify with sitting alone surrounded by strangers, all experiencing the same thing in silence.

6. Kinder Bueno

Over the past month I have developed an addiction for Kinder Bueno. Thats what nervous snacking during revision breaks does for you. But not many people have an addiction that they actually want...

7. The Ideal Dinner Party...
In this day and age, it's hardly rare to have a mild obsession with celebrities... my ideal dinner party guests range from my style icons (you should know who they are!) to Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot to er...Andrew Marr.


Marissa O said...

HAhA! i love the new take on the last supper for your dinner party. it's great! i've been to new york, and let me advise you not to drive, because i drove, and it was insane, they follow no rules!

Alison said...

kinder buenos are so addictive they should be illegal.
they're illegally delicious!
love your list <3

-ciao bella- said...

all i can really say is sex and the city= my life. i bawl my eyes out at the series finale (doesn't everyone though?) haha and hilarious rendition of the last supper, sounds like a pretty fun dinner party

Weekly Blogette said...

I would LOVE to go to NY and Paris. And who wouldn't love these 2 cities their the dang fashion capitals of the world!
p.s. I so admire the uniqueness of your blog.

a said...

omg, kinder bueno. where would I be without it? crying in a corner, that's where.

Ella Gregory said...

deffinately go to new york
i went in april after years of being so in love with it, and i miss it so much now im back in london
if you go make sure you go to patricia fields shop, its so hard to find because it does not stand out at all and looks a lot like a sex shop (which is why i walked past it about 6 times while hunting for it) but you would love it!

Unknown said...

hahhaah you're a genius. I loved that last picture.

palegrey? said...

uhh css and uffie <3