Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Winners...

Mrs Fashion*

Cool like Chloe

hoooorah, well done you three!

Thanks everyone else who entered, you mostly got the right answers, so I obviously have true fashion readers! but check back to see where you went wrong, the comment moderation is finally off! Pheww.

The answers were:
1. Victoria Beckham (who else could create such wardrobe chaos over the space of 2 weeks?..)

2. Viktor and Rolf. I have sympathetic towards the models who had to walk in wooden clogs and support lighting! They still magaged to look good though, no?

3. Vogue India will be launched in September.

4. The model is Natalia Vodianova. Hawwt stuff.
5. And Zac Posen was the designer with him eye arm candy in the form of Karen Elson.

Is she pregnant again, Mrs Fashion? Ooh, how exciting, I find the thought of her and Jack White raising a family rather cool.
I think we'll be taking a break from the quiz now!...

*Oh, and I'll have that apple please. Braeburn, thanks!

Onto other pressing matters...

[Insert witty, rhyming slogan here]

The overexposure I seem to be sufferering from slogan tees everytime I make a trip to the shops is now at an all time (yawwn) high, and I don't know about you, but these House of Holland high street rip offs (and even the real deal) are becoming about as unrare as the desert scarves that are now thankfully beginning to die down.

All of this "DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS" and "INDIE CINDY" nonsense now makes me wonder where Henry Holland will go from here? He made a dramatic impact entrance and now he just needs to substain his popularity with some fresh ideas. I'm thinking he needs to branch out his designs into lines that can be sold in upmarket boutiques and shops, that still carry the quirkly and humourous edge that we will now expect from him. Or do you think its likely that he'll just fade into the background and bask in the fame that he "once had", on nights out with Agy?

The next Alexanders and Stellas...

Alumni include cool kids Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, Marios Schwab...and thats just the start. It would be an understatement to say that St Martins is the ultimate fashion institute. Every year, to showcase the talent, the graduation ceremony will take place, and its often here that fashion bigwigs will gather to predict who will be the next big thing and on everyones minds in the near future.

There were so many fantastic collections from this years graduation (it took part in february), I could have quite easily have copied and pasted all 167 pictures from Uhh, yeahh, but we all know that gets a little boring, no?
So here are my picks. They're all completely original and very, very 2007. Anyone sick of vintage? I'm after new ideas, new designs and new fashions...

1. Pavel Ivancic. Pavel seems to be very intune with the thoughts of designers such as
Nicolas Ghesquiere with strong structuring, bold colours and a 'extra' speciality for volume.
2. Jamie Bruski Tetsill. Ok, what I said before about vintage. Ahem... but this is in a good way, it looks like he's rummaged through his parisian alcoholic grandma's trunks in the attic and recycled them with a whole load of new ideas using a sleek, shiny sewing machine at midnight. Anyone else..?
3. Seon Ju Kam. Many have commented that this collection is reminisent of Chloe, and I agree. Though the mix of feminine frills with the skinny tuxedo trouser add a fresh spin on things, saying out with the folk and in with the new.
4. Mattijis Van Bergen. For me, there is something about the collection that is reminiscent of 2005 Burberry. It's the motherly feminity and the mixture of 'burberry beiges' with new glitz.


Marissa O said...

i like them all, but Seon Ju Kam the best, and Pavel Ivancic is very close behind

A. said...

I agree with your point about House of Holland. You can't build a brand with longevity around one idea that will get old really fast.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Yay for all the ruffles! I want one of those tshirts,
especially the 'drop beats not bombs'

Mrs Fashion said...

Virtual Braeburn heading your way!

And House of Holland - I just wrote (although not yet posted - I'm saving it for a mid-week post) about how sick of those slogans I am. Enough already, pleeeeeease!

Also, great choices for the future fashion stars

Mrs F x

Ella Gregory said...

i always find the winners kind of random
like when denise van outan one grazias bikini body of the year
fine shes ok looking, but so random!
i think they just take however will let them interview them
i love this post, some of the collections are very nice
and i agree about henry holland, me and the lovely jack got our clasic ones straight when they came out
and i never wear it anymore its too obvious a choice
x x x said...

I really like your picks.
Re Henry Holland, well he IS milking the attention at the mo but who wouldn't? I think he has made enough good contacts (for starters he has Mandi Lennard, PR for all the coolest London brands, advising him) to get some good ideas and guidance on how to play it next. He started out as a stylist so if he's still interested in that I wouldn't be surprised if he played on his fame to get some big-ticket gigs (Teen Vogue anyone?)...

alluretone said...

i like Seon Ju Kam's work the best, love the cream and the nudes. the last two designers seem to be very inspired by LV's spring collections.

Model Citzen said...

i love pavel, and those red tights are killer. i have a grey dress with ruffles, which i'm about to pull out of closet... i'll have to get a pair tomorrow. about my blog, that do you read my blog? part is just a little inside joke with some of my friends that started when j.c. the creative director of perry ellis wrote to me after i blasted his collection last season. ever since, i decided to include a name someone in the fashion indsutry relevant to my post... hope that clears the confusion.
did you ever post how you got the name discotheque confusion?

Bojana said...

Wooo!!! Great post!!

Meg said...

I loved David Komakhidze at St Martins, Style Bubble mentioned him her graduate post, but I do like Jamie Tetsill's designs. They're so simple but look great in a rather slouchy way.

a said...

urrgh, I totally agree about house of holland. I can't believe topshop just snatche up the ideas... and they actually sold! the rhymes they made were... crap?

ooh i love dress by seon ju kam as well!

Emily said...

Henry holland should expand he only does t-shirts and they aren't going to last as when the high street gets hold of it they get old pretty fast. He is basking in all this glory but if he doesn't do something soon he is going to be very old news and no one will look at him anymore.He should do trousers and waistcoats esp. waistcoats i love them.

I love all the designers that u picked from the graduation but i especially loved: aah no i can't pick!

i Loved the skirts in Jamie Bruski Tetsill especially the far left one.

Seon Ju Kam also has very beautiful chlothes they are so femine and i am really into those kind of chlothes at the moment there are about 10 different white frilly dresses i want from different shops.

And i absoluting love Mattijis Van Bergen's tops they are so eye catching i don't know if i could get away with wearing the far left top but i would love to wear the middle top and the dress is gorgeous aswell.

i also like Pavel Ivancic but probs not as much as the others. The middle dress reminds me of a yellow ruffle dress that everyone was wearing about year maybe 2 years ago i can't remember which designer made it (Lanvin?)

Anyway i think if i had to pic i would picMattijis Van Bergen I just love the tops and i have never seen any chlothes like them before!

Sorry for the very long comment! i got a bit carried away!

T said...

i won nananananna
only joking :)
great post again
and i love your blog again

Anonymous said...

ooh... this is a great post!
t-shirt... i've never been able to wear them. it's too bad this trend left as quickly as it arrived, but they were kind of asking for it, with it being so conspicuous and all...

csm. it's a gorgeous college. i kind of regret not taking my acceptance to grad school there. but not when i'm paying off my student loans; )

it's hard not to be inspried in those halls...

Mash said...

henry Holland makes me boring those times