Monday, June 04, 2007

Hello All!

So exams have well and truly kicked in, and I know a lot of you are also feeling the pain!

And I wanted to say thank you for all the great comments you've been leaving recently and that, I am reading them and "moderating" them, but I may take a while to reply simply because I'm not being the overactive blogger that I usually am! (five times a day, anyone?)

But I've read some pretty interesting stuff. eg, the suggestions for actresses to play Vivienne W in the recently announced biopic, from Fashion Lolita (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and
True Supermodel who thinks Sophie Dahl would also do a good job.

And the Vogue debate has been hotting up!
Dulcie is in favour to get A Shulman out and Hadley Freeman in, whereas
Roller Girl is standing in the UK Vogue Editor's defence and finds her slight frumpiness refreshing. Personally, I'm now rather torn! I am however, thinking that the 'Vogue Debate' could make for a good post, Its the new Size Zero Debate dahhlings, which quite frankly isn't really much of a debate after 18 months of headlines. So thats in the pipeline..

The results to the quiz are coming before the end of this week, as well as two new posts which have yet to be finished. So hold tight, but in the mean time, have a little flick click through my archives which are ever increasing... I'm now celebrating 10 months of Discotheque Confusion, hoorah!

Anyway, good luck to everyone else with their noses in revision guides, and remember to counteract it with plenty of nose in the fridge moments, as I have!

S xx

PS, One day til Ms Hilton starts her summercamp prison sentence, so lets await the feelgood gossip!


Unknown said...

hey i love your blog! congratulations on 10 months!

Alison said...

hmm... I agree that Maggie Gyllenhaal would make a good Vivienne W, and the vogue debate is a good one

Marissa O said...

ms, hilton has officially checked herself in, as of last night! woohoo!

Ella Gregory said...

i deffinately thinnk vogue needs a new editor and i have since i was like 13
always been opinionated hahah
maybe we should nominate ourselves
i love that pic of your girl crush, she is very girl crush worthy
and all jessica biel seems to have done to get a place on red carpets is have a fling with justin timberlake
cant wait for your new posts
x x x

Anonymous said...

What a good blog for a young girl!

I'm Eric, an (old) fashion blogger from Paris

I just sent a link to Discotheque Confusion on my blog


Ella Gregory said...

for a long time ive wanted to be a celebrity stylit, but im going to so fashion journalism at uni
how about you? i can imagine you editing something like dazed and confused or pop
i mean id love to edit vogue cos its vogue and eveyone knows it
even though i persoanlly agree that ELLE is much much better
id love to be like patricia field though stlye something like sex and the city
x x x

matt williams said...

I think all Fashion editors should have a defined style. Carrine R from Paris Vogue is very rock and roll slighly chilled while Italian Vogue editor and chief is very glamour lite.
Anna Wintour's style is very hard to define and she comes across as a bit style challenged.

As far for the editor from British Vogue, well I don't have a problem with her weight. Isabella Blow was a very fashionable woman who was slighly plump but she had her own type of personal style.

Lana said...

Our local newspaper is quiet boring. But today there was this whole 2 pages about celebs with a sentence! Winona is there and also Snoop Dog and ofcourse Paris! The article says that celebs are comming of very easy with their sentence!

Mash said...

Happy 10 months of Discotheque Confusion !!!

Meg said...

When P.Hilton got out yesterday, I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for like 2 minutes cause I was pissed. But doctors say that's impossible. They also said it was impossible that I could walk through fire and they were wrong about that. Qucaks.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

good luck for the future:P