Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Editoral Revival
Industrial Strength

Each month I'm going to look at past fashion editorials that I think deserve to be put into the spotlight. First up is the "Industrial Strength" by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot which featured in W Magazine.

Model Jessica Stam looks very Femme Fatale in a black wig with an Irina fringe. Decked out in daring pinks, revealing cuts and with an overall sensual mood, I love this shoot. The backdrop of a scrapheap adds a dirty, trashy element reminiscent of David LaChapelle.

I love Jessica's look, its very different to how we're used to seeing her, no?


Bojana said...

I love this, it looks so sexual and striking.

Anonymous said...

I dint realise it was Jessica Stam, she looks fab in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

was jus looking thru the songs on your mp3 player- they're supercool (i say that word too much), I love Uffie, Peter Bjorn John

Siru said...

it is definitly new way of seeing her.

ashley heaton said...

i love this shoot! she's one of my favorite models no matter what she looks like.
ps you've been tagged...

-S said...

i thiknk she looks MUCH better blonde.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

- I love her hair
- I love the photoshoot
- Overall it's fantastic and creative!

Ella Gregory said...

i would not have known that was jessica stam
and that is what makes a good model, if they can do lots of different looks
i was going to watch that show and i forgot, its cos big brother was on before it and i refuse to watch that show
apparently i look like calista whatever her name everyone is now telling me
hopefully they are not suggesting i look 40!
i like the way you positioned these pics
it all looks amazing

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

She is amazing! h and the photographers din an amazing job! Love their work!