Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Princess Rajzak

Ironically, being declared as a "model of the moment" just seems to make things a little bit dull. As much as I love her, Agyness is everywhere I look! and being a secretive one to watch, just seems do much cooler, no?

So, (don't worry, I won't call her a model of the moment, we wouldn't want to spoil things now, would we?) my "one to watch" of the moment is lovely little Kinga Rajzak, hailing from Slovakia shes not just one of those east european babes. With a name that makes her sound like an extra in Aladdin, laughing and messing around backstage Iek style is her thing, and I love her for it.

Have a peek below at the three catwalk snaps. Could the looks be any more different, she rocks them all down to a tee! (well, she is a model, you'd hope so!..) Still can't choose between them, but I'm leaning towards the Miu Miu (left). Looking at this snap, I feel like shes an interesting character in a book, I want to get lost in. (Stay with me here... its been a long day consisting of long exams, and i'm feeling that my creativity has been 'zapped' from my fingers..) The girl; grew up on a farm with five blonde brothers, but she was always her father's favourite, alternating between milking the cow and writing pages and pages of poetry in her pocket journal, her most prized possesion. God, I really need to read some good literature this summer, I think I'm getting a little book-horny.

PS, Just to reitrate, the whole "Slovakian milkmaid story" was just me going off on a tangent of my own!I know nothing about her past, I was just making the point that it's how I would like to imagine her childhood, because it sounds so perfect, no?


Style Spot said...

Hello my dear :D
how are you?

This girl looks really interesting..thank you for introducing her ;) The picture of her standing in the water made me go: "WOW!!", and I agree that she nails all three looks!

Haha, her childhood sounds just like a fairy tale..a poor little girl growing up on a farm in Slovakia, milking cows and working hard every day, daydreaming and writing poem after poem, and finally she leaves home and becomes an international model..ahh, life ey? :p

T.T. said...

Hello, I really like your blog! Is interestant!

The model of Rosa Chá is Carolina Trentini, is very cute!

Sorry, for my bad expression at English! haha

Kisses ;)

Emily said...

haha i liked the Slovakian milkmaid story it would be kl if it were true
she is very kl

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

she's really beautiful, love all the pictures and your blog!

Susana Rodrigues said...

she's very pretty

Ella Gregory said...

i prefer her to Agyness, i like models that look more feminine
you should become a model scout oneday you woud be very good at it
the first two pictures of her are so stunning
your right about victoria never being seen on the beach
i think its cos of her scars from her c sections and she hasnt recoverd from having three kids
which is fair i guess
and davids spedos slightly scare me even though i think it is very retro cool

Siru said...

The picture where she was at the beach is gorgeous.
I hope your exams went well .
lovely post , again.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Well i thought it was true, you actually sounded very convincing! )
she is a cutie.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

You've been tagged!

-ciao bella- said...

she's very pretty and yeah i am just a little bit sick of agyness...

alluretone said...

Rajzak is a beauty, love her!

-S said...

she reminds me of another model, but i cannot remember who. although, she doesn't really look like a model, she just looks normal. but then again, i'd have to see more head shots.

Mrs Fashion said...

Loved her at Balenciaga - she rocked the white forehead paint!
Also 'one to watch'? So much cooler than being 'model of the moment'
Mrs F x

Teresa said...

I read in WWD that Kinga plans to enroll in Columbia University to study literature and philosophy. I reeally admire an intelligent and cultured model like her, there's so few.

Anonymous said...

i love Kinga, i think shes like really good friends with Iekielene. the funny thing is i actually bought into that whole milk maid story, because alot of the girls have had poorer background. god your too funny!!

Diana Coronado said...

Keep writin' great post