Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thou Shalt Do As I Say

Lists are always nice. And the same is the case for "how to guides" and the occasional rule. Dictatorships are not nice. But are on a drifty sunday afternoon when they are fashion related, and one needs a little focus, I have concluded that they are completely necessary.

Failed in your quest to be a supermodel? Learn how to be a make model instead!

Feeling disillusioned by religion? Follow a fashion bible instead.. [click on the Browns link below for more...]

Summer is a good time for reinvention, no? And surely, everyone's new years resolutions have failed? I didn't even have any for 2007 because its highly unlikely that in the dark months of winter, and the anti-climax of post christmas that people are going to be able to muster together any motivation to change diets, regimes, blahh. And thats why I think summer is the time to do this!

Take a cue from the JUST JR "50 Things To Change" list. [Jamie seems to have gone AWOL by the way, anyone know where he is?] He suggests:

"Add a playlist for your iPod"
"Read a classic novel"
"Become a geek"
"Become a Robot"
"Be totally unpredictable"
"Start swearing"
"Get yourself a muse"
"Read an encyclopedia."

who said resolutions can't be fun and a little naughty? My resolutions? Study my dictionary, secretly read trashy tabloids, floss, become a movie snob, become a liberal intellectual, resist fake tan...


Emily said...

good post!
i need to improve my posture and find myself a muse i think i would never be able to resist fake tan

Mrs Fashion said...

Er, I can't confirm or deny that - or I'd have to kill you! Or remove you from my links list or something ;-) One of the problems of being an anonablogger I'm afraid!
So, the only way to get in (unless your mummy and daddy are pally with Nicholas Coleridge) is via work experience (have a look at this post too.
Good luck!
Mrs F x

Unknown said...

ah great post!

a said...

fantastic post, I should really make a to do list

-S said...

is that kate moss in the bathtub photo? i think so, but i am unsure...

Alison said...

Okay, I'm officially becoming a robot.
I love this post!

Ella Gregory said...

i love that pic of kate in the bath tub
great post

Siru said...

Kate looks so gorgeous at the tub!

I love lists, I make those all the time of different things.

I don't know if it's good. or bad. or boring. but it calms me down.

i really have to adore your blog

juliet xxx


I luv this page!


Bella said...

I want to become a of my aspirations....what can I say i love those cool geek chicy glasses they wear...:))

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I'm iffy about lists, some people feel they have to live their lives through them like omigod brunette is out now i have to go back to blonde or something lame like that hahha.

Style Spot said...

I have a love/hate relationship to lists..I LOVE making them (seriously I make them all the time..I am such a list slave!) but I never ever follow them. They haunt me and I just get stressed because I am not following them. And of course I make new lists, and I am stuck in this evil circle lol.

Ooo..but I want to become a movie snob too, and become a liberal intellectual..oh and be totally unpredictable (slowly, but surely I am grabbing a pen and some paper haha)


FANTASTIC never disappoint my dear!

Anonymous said...

ah! get yourself a muse! that's wonderful! we should all have one!

i guess my resolution would be to join at least one 'team'.... maybe a bowling league?


Ellen SB said...

Super post. Will be following and making lists in the future

;) Love ur blog.

Bojana said...

Cool post!!

This summer I decided to be a greek goddess.

And find myself a boyfriends

And read. An do something nice.

Umm yeaaah riiight :D

maya said...

great post, im gonna make myself one of those.

Pret a Porter P said...

i'm always adding songs to my sony mp3, but i want to do an major overhaul and sort the music by mood/tempo instead of by artist but that's gonna take a lot of time

and i have several muses. said...

Great post, yours is one of my favourite blogs (no, I mean it). who is this 'Brown'? I like that list....

Anonymous said...

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