Monday, February 04, 2008

It's like, all "cul-trawl"

Hey, look at that. It's spring, which means? Vogue have produced another "cul-trawl" editorial. What are the ingredients for one of these spreads I hear you ask? A white, spritely model, flexing her long legs, prancing about with a grin, holding hands and standing around with the "natives". A donkey here, a rickshaw there. And plenty of floral leis or tibetian style bunting.

Granted, with those fantastic Alexander McQueen feathered dresses and plenty of tanned skin, it has me feeling all warm and in the mood for summer, which makes me feel perhaps a slither less opposed. But, please Ms Chambers, give us the Emmanuelle Alt treatment!


Ella Gregory said...

Vogue always does stuff like this
Did you see the Agyness Deyn shoot in London where they tried to make her look so 'East End' by giving her a broom and shooting her near graffiti????
It is the reason I cannot deal with Vogue!

Anonymous said...

I get rather bored of seeing this sort of cultural-ape/rape editorials.... they say it's a fantastical projection, I find it a little tired....

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

These editorials are offensive, but they also tend to be some of my favorites. I like the sweeping backdrops and glimpses of other countries--I tend to look more at those parts than the models.

Mónica said...

The problem with this kind of editorials is that the landscape and the rest of the people are more eye-catching than models, which are supposed to be the most important. I love the colour and the different cultures they show us, though. I agree the idea is too repetitive

Michelle said...

The styling from this shoot doesn't seem that different from the glob traveller trend last year either. Vogue running out of ideas?

Alya said...

I saw a similar one with Gemma Ward in India. It gets tiring after a while.

Innovation, photographers. Innovation!!

riz said...

I LOVE YOU. Thank you for saying this. It's not even offensive, just ridiculous - and tired... said...

Oh I like them!



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Romany said...

Woah, that pic with Lily D...freaky! But still intriguing.
I've only ever bought one US Vogue and couldn't even finish it - 1. I was so sick of the ads, there were at least 45 before the contents page, no joke. 2. It was sprayed with a perfume sampler which was way too overpowering.
I'm willing to give it another go, though...I'm guessing you don't really recommend it, though, yes?

Kool Thing said...

I wrote about this editorial too; the concept is tired and all it did was make me feel nostalgic for teenage summers!