Sunday, August 22, 2010

bloggers flea market-today!

Absolutely gutted that I had to cancel on Susie and the Bloggers Flea Market as getting down to London today was going to prove a difficulty. Ah, the perils of being a blogger who doesn't live in London. But I urge you to get down to N7 if you're lucky enough to have a Sunday that is free of plans. Some of Britains bestestest bloggers will be in the carpark of Susie Bubble's North London abode flogging their lovely old wares and the fabulous Tommy from This is Naive will be serving up BBQ satay (which I think I was most excited about.) The sun is thankfully shining and it wraps up at 6pm this afternoon so take a wander down and have some chat with the girls and guys. Big pat on the back goes to Susie for managing to organise and coordinate all of this despite it being sandwiched in the middle of her current busy traveling schedule, little events like this makes the blogging community feel extra special.


young-shields said...

wish i could make it to this. damn not living in london indeed!

also, really wish you hadn't notified me of those asos boots below. yeah, cheers, now i have to get them instead of sensible flat boots YOUR FAULT X

Amanda Corrine said...

How come all the cool stuff happens outside of my country :(

The Style Spotter said...

so cute!