Wednesday, August 25, 2010

west side

Like a true gap year cliche I've spent a lot of time missing the adventures that Joanna and I had in the US in the Spring. I find myself thinking about random moments from the trip without even realising. This morning it was as I poured hot water over a chai tea bag and instantly the smell took me back to Brooklyn where we consumed heaps of the stuff. Lately it's been the California leg mostly on my brain, just before the end when we went to Coachella and had Patrice introduce us to the joys of Denny's. I was thinking about it all as I walked home the other day and I'm so pleased the way everything worked out. When I'm older and wiser (here's hoping) I really think I'll look back on those 7 weeks surfing on people's couches and napping in greyhound stations as one of the greatest experiences as a youngster. This month I've begun saving for Round Two. Here's hoping there'll be enough pennies in my pot come next April.


Hannah said...

Ohh Dennys! Truly living the Californian dream!

selina said...

love the collage, you've got that alexa chung thing going on where you're so british but as cool and sort of retro as the american girls on tumblr! you mentioned before that you usually underspend and save for amazing things, would you consider posting about how you do that or any tips? if you work in topshop you must have some great ones as all my money would be slowly gone every month!xx

Clara said...

Your gap year sounds AMAZING!

I've always been a bit worried about the whole couch surfing thing, but your alive so it can't have been too bad!