Thursday, August 05, 2010

style notes for the guys

1. the big chill. 2. stone cord chinos by topman LTD equestrian. 3. josh and george buying pizzas. 4. tees by a.p.c + carhartt (out oct 7th) 5. take ivy by teruyoshi hayashida. 6. S.M.U fraternity housemother and frat boys. 7. curry at my house. 
8. a.p.c + carhartt jackets.


Ella Gregory said...

Great pictures. I love these posts. Also I just finished reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Have you read it? I was thinking of you when I was reading it (because you're into America - not cos I think you're a seedy criminal) if you haven't I think you'd like it.

Sinner Diamond said...

thanks.. I'm a guy and I LOVE THAT POST

Zara Nugent said...

the chinos for the boys and the book for the girls! hurrah! i have mine pre-ordered already, can't wait to ogle over it!