Thursday, August 26, 2010

a little bird told me

Alexa Chung's Fashion Week checklist:
1. "A camera. I know everyone is digital but I still love film and disposable cameras."
2. "A good umbrella because it always pisses it down during Fashion Week in New York."
3. "No stupid shoes! I'll definitely be wearing lots of flats."

"I’m trying to find a new pair of jeans, which I know is the ultimate quest for every woman. My ideal jean would be the Levi’s that Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis wore in Thelma and Louise. (Those) Levi’s makes every ass look really great. I want the Thelma & Louise ass." Chloe Sevigny.

'I'm in Maison, ah, Martin Margiela.' Jay Z, Run This Town.

'My style rules are: drag for the over-40s is never particularly becoming; pure white is too harsh and best avoided; and save black for special occasions- I used to wear it a lot, but I save it now as it's such an extraordinary and persuasive colour.' Stephen Jones.


"I kept thrashing her at drafts, but boy she was hellbent on winning. When she eventually managed to beat me she savoured the moment by gleefully presenting me with this badge." Lulu Kennedy on her 'Loser' badge from Juergen Teller's daughter, Lola.


Siru said...

I love these quotes!

juliet xxx

Lily said...

oh wow loook at all those lovely cammera's :) your blog is lovely :)


Emma Lavelle said...

Oh I want that camera collection! xx

Unknown said...

I love that camera collection and the quotes.

fuschiaaa said...

Nice quotes and camera photograph. I was wondering if you could perhaps help me out?
I have trawled the UK highstreet via the internet and I simply cannot find a leather bag under around £70 that I like. I was wondering if you know of any smaller independent shops that might sell what I'm looking for online? I know that's a pretty precise specification so it doesn't matter if you can't think of anything ha. Love the blog and view at as a source of inspiration! Ciao x