Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Britney Spears in Pop Magazine

The cover of the latest Pop Magazine is insane! In the best way possible. Britney Spears is the unlikely cover star and comes over all Japanese schoolgirl thanks to artist Takashi Murakami who collaborated on the cover. Inside of the issue you'll find Manga style stickers and a shoot with a wedding dress clad Britney lying in a field of daisies. 

This issue, which is the third under the helm of Dasha Zhukova only goes to cement my view of her as an amazing editor. She has a great eye and a knack for bringing together an incredible bunch of collaborators. I also love that Dasha has taken the magazine in a more arts focused direction. It feels like the publication is more worthy and packed with interesting features post-Katie Grand who took what Pop was all about in the first place (lots of glossy fashion and curiously chosen celebrities in head to toe Louis Vuitton) with her to Love Magazine. In one sense the choice of Britney as cover girl is surprising purely because it seems a very Katie Grand thing to do. But I've relished every issue of Pop and actually prefer it to Love Magazine. How fitting after I posted a Britney Spears video a couple of days ago. With her Glee appearance in the pipeline I can see a fond Britney revival, one shrouded in nostalgia for the grinning 90s Britney you could easily imagine giving the peace sign from the pages of a Japanese magazine. The issue hits shelves on 1st September.


Unknown said...

such a cute cover



Jasmin said...

Britney is so..so weird?!

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

this is so up my street!!! i gave up on magazines like pop and dazed and love though a while ago because i buy them but don't read them, the articles are so obscure and long and i don't get anything out of them. might buy it if i have the funds, i'd love to put the covers on my wall! btw when you're in manchester if you didn't already know there's an amazing magazine shop called magma in the northern quarter, it has basically everything xx

Annie said...

definitely agree with pop > love, although the latter has got some good celebs in this season. but i suppose thats not why I should be buying a £5 fashion tome!! anyways, gotta love britney really

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to buying this issue.

Spears is bloody amazing!