Tuesday, August 03, 2010

cacharel aw10


The Cacharel AW10 collection, to be accompanied by A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins. 
On a macabre note, I think I'd like this song to be played at my funeral. There is something sort of perfect about hearing that flirty little xylophone introduction with a coffin sitting at the front of the room. I like the idea even if the subliminal message of 'yeah, you never met anyone like me, did you?' is quite the height of egotism when played at one's own funeral.


ciaoo said...

haha listening to lauren laverne on 6music this morning by any chance?

Ellen Burney said...

Jesus how did I miss this collection?!

Crimsonite said...

I liked this collection too. Talking about your funeral after a post about your birthday... :/ The birthday cake looked nice and it sounds like it was a great day!