Wednesday, November 03, 2010

what you wore

above: this is how we roll: the camera phone style generation.

last thursday I asked people on twitter to summarise what they were wearing in the obligatory 140 characters. today I'm going to be doing the same thing, so scrimp on words and squeeze a short and sweet summary of your outfit into that teensy twitter box. or send me camera phone detail shots. if you're wearing new shoes and can't stop looking down at them or are still in the honeymoon period with an old cardigan take a snap, @mention them to me on twitter (@dconfusion) and I'll compile a selection into a post. I'm hoping to turn this into a regular feature; a nice sneaky blogging community combined effort, a bit of access all areas cyber curtain twitching, if you will.

to get the ball rolling, thanks to these guys for their contributions last week. camel jumpers, nikes, barbour jackets, clogs, my oh my! and my own outfit description too.

@miss_wooo Grey Uniqlo jumper. Black high waist jeans. Barbour Jacket. White Nike AF1.
@heleneisfor rogan for target button down, black cropped UO jeans, RL mary jane clogs
@dconfusion cos pocket tee, cord skirt, 70s dad deck boots.
@fushiaaa  second skin jeans, camel jumper that somehow stands off at the back and my warmest thick grey socks


Stefanie said...

I love your outfit snippets! Especially that polka dot shirt with the corduroy skirt! It's like you're a brown bottle of topshop nailpolish hahaha

Andrew said...

fashion blogging for the twitter generation

Fashionstyle said...

a style idea !!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I've just twitted you what I'm wearing today. So bad I'm at class and I can't take a picture of it... haha
Oh and love the 6th picture, those blue jeans with the plaid shirt look awesome, like the black shoes ;)

Fashion Tidbits said...

it sounds super fun!!! but what if we don't twitter?

fuschiaaa said...

Ahhh you featured my @reply, mucho love!