Tuesday, February 22, 2011

on newbies and yellow

A few sneaky purchases made at Topshop last week. The cropped grey jersey has remained attached to my body for most of the weekend. It's easy to throw on and nicely ribbed which assures me I'm wearing it out of choice and not laziness. I only have two bottoms which come up high enough to wear it with (it's february-of all the months I'm least likely to wear my belly on show, which I probably wouldn't aside from the beach, this is it..) so I have been alternating between my brown suede trousers and the new blue skirt. Which to the discernable eye (see those creases!) has also been worn lots this weekend. In fact I wore the two together to the Unique show yesterday. And finally the off-yellow silky shirt with a sweet bonsai print. I see yellow as the trickiest of the colours to pull of and maybe it's for this reason that I've always had the desire to be able to wear it well. I attribute this to my Mum whose skin is just a shade darker than mine meaning she can call herself Olive and look fantastic in sunshine colours while I, sadly, don't look quite so 'wow'. Another precursor to this yellow desire-the historical moment (in the eyes of my 13 year old self ) when Chloe Sevigny wore that Yves Saint Laurent dress in 'cold tropicana for breakfast on a tropically hot morning' yellow. Gloriously refreshing and bright and not at all nauseating.


Unknown said...

OMG the shirt is pretty amazing, very vintage-like, I'm in love

See U !

blue roses said...

ah, i love wearing pieces in right when i get them. if i don't immediately want it on my body, chances are it was an impulse buy (or for a special occasion).

i have olive-toned skin and yellow is, generally, atrocious on me. in order to get my fix of yellows and greens, i frequently use those shades for accessories.


Anonymous said...

i got that yellow shirt on uniform and can just about pull off the colour because my hair is dark enough, really waiting though until the summer when hopefully it will play off a tan perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

Is the skirt an a-line fit? If so I think this is a basic I may be needing.

The Velvet Scientist said...

lovely. I would be quite surprised to find that these are from topshop, all three have a definite vintage vibe (an attribute that I'm sure helped initiate the purchase!)

craving a topshop/topman shopping trip now, urgh x

Anonymous said...

Update: skirt purchased!