Sunday, February 06, 2011

year of the rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year! Things acquired along the way while wandering around Chinatown with five friends in honour of Chinese New Year this afternoon:

A carton of lycee juice. Absolutely delicious.
A bag of White Rabbits. I'd never tried them before and Yaz was pretty on the mark when she described them as like white milk bottles but tougher. They come in really cute little wrappers and rice paper that dissolves in your mouth, yum.
Paper Chinese Dragon puppet.
Bursting bellies full of tiger beer, noodles and pancakes and chinese jellies.
As well as some crappy photographic evidence:

Did any of you celebrate the New Year? Interested to know how you spent it and more importantly what you ate?..


Stefanie said...

GASP White Rabbit candies! Reminds me of grade 3 when the only Asian kid in school would bring them and everyone would devour them!

Bryden and Claire said...

Is that a lovely YSL ring I spy there?

leilani.e said...

WHITE RABBIT! I love those! My grandma (who is partly Chinese, mostly Hawaiian) brought us kids bags of it back every once in a while - they're fantastic in the weirdest way! I need to finagle a care package of those out of her soon, the asian groceries around here are kind of crap.

Looks like you had a glorious chinese new year! I wish we had anything of the sort here, hope you savoured every bit of it!

M.Soleil said...

MM i love white rabbit's. Haven't had those in ages. I knew it was Chinese new year but somehow didn't make the connection when my aunt ordered us Chinese food for dinner!

A La Mode said...

Lychee drink is the best thing ever!

Rebecca said...

i love wondering around china town or popping into little foreign shops and looking at all the food aha

great photos! sadly i didn't really celebrate the chinese new year