Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I do like a big show-offy finale with the models marching out together in one big unorganised gaggle. Aside from the fact it looks brilliant I'm always amazing they manage to do it without treading on each others toes or cutting one another up. Here is the big finale at Unique yesterday. Fingers crossed much nicer photographs to come once I've had my film developed.


KITOIRÉ said...

hey! can't wait to see your photos! I've written a review of the collection over at kitoire.blogspot.com if you'd like to take a look, you are also featured in my A-Z of Great Bloggers to be published in my College Magazine, of which I am Fashion Editor. Love your blog, I'm a big fan, please keep it up :)

Harriet x


Anthea said...

I love grand finales too! It's so much more exciting and interesting than a regular old runway show!