Wednesday, April 06, 2011

be right back

I'm in the midst of backed-up deadlines with books to read and essays to complete by the end of the week before I can return home to enjoy my Easter holidays with my family. So until things chill out, here are some pictures I took last summer to stimulate thirst for heat and sandals and sunshine.


Unknown said...

Love the second picture, now I'm starving !

See U !

Lizaboo said...

Gorgeous photos , makes me want to go on an adventure xx :o)

davis. said...

where ever that place is in the top photo..i want to go there.
looks beautiful!

Love your blog!

Please check out mine. very new to the whole thing..

Thanks :)

Seasons Online Jewellery said...

Very nice photography, can't wait for the holidays too :)

The Fashion Buzz said...

Definitely looking forward to the summer after seeing these pics!

Michelle said...

Hope the work goes swimmingly so you also have some time enjoying the sunshines. Perfect weather to come down to Brighton for a barby, no? ;-)

And thank you so mucg for voting me on the Westfield contest, I think they er, over did my make up slightly, I scare myself looking at the picture haha.

hannah-rose said...

my uni is doing the exact same thing - i'm counting down the days until I can pack it all in and head for the hills. good luck with everything!



I cant wait for BBQ season! haaaa BEEF! GIVE ME BEEF!


Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward for summer!

amy said...


Happy Easter! Eat too many mini eggs, get a belly ache or two
and smile (:

sugar plum kisses~
amy x