Friday, April 15, 2011

repton boxing club

Alisdair McLellan's short film for Sunspel is a sweet six minute insight into the Repton Boxing Club and the boys that box there. Deep down they're all a bunch of softies! Watch them debate the superiority of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson over heaving platters of bangers and mash at local cafe E. Pelicci and softly softly dance on tippy-toes through swooping skipping ropes. The crisp calf length Sunspel undies and cotton vests mirror the classic boxer uniform that has been worn for generations and the photographs and clippings of the club's champions papering the walls are testament to the heritage of the place which has been going since 1884.

As a medium for promoting brands, I really love this sort of approach. Videos that use real life stories and give glimpses into the lives of others. I know this isn't anything new but it's a formula that I can't tire of-it's the same kind of ingrained nosiness that makes me interested in what strangers eat for breakfast! Sometimes it's nice to have a little substance over a lookbook video with shot after shot of product. Not that I'd mind a chance to gawp at Sunspel products as I'm personally very excited about the new Womens range after they assigned JW Anderson as head honcho (the line is now online if you wish to nose for yourself) Overall a really great example of a heritage brand aligning itself to a fresh image without compromising it's core values. Hooray for cotton underwear!


Laura said...

It sounds interesting, I know a few men who would like this ha!

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Jeno said...

This is what does. They use videos to promote luxury brands.

Cheers from Spain.

Jess said...

Hey I dunno if you've seen this but I know you have a healthy obsession with Chloe Sevigny: