Sunday, May 01, 2011

full bellies and new purchases

I'm back in Manchester with a belly heavy with Spinach Stew. I'm finally reveling in the glories of having parents drive you back after the holidays. I always used to whimper from the window as I watched people from my halls unpacking swag bags fresh from the supermarket to line their fridges when their parents were in town, or being taken out for wining and dining, friends in tow. Well this weekend it is my turn and along with my friend Nanon I took my parents to Aladdin, the Syrian restaurant that makes a mean lamb meatball and spinach stew and is always packed with chattering families and locals who look like they've been in the know for over a decade. For me and Nanon it was like Disneyland for 19 year olds with the possibility of being treated to a starter, main and pudding, my oh my. 

But enough of the undignified gloating (or in my case bloating) this is after all a 'fashion blog' and such things should be indulged. My quarterly desire to blow lots of money on clothes has reared its head again interestingly enough just in time to coincide with the latest installment of my student loan. But no hardcore blow-outs just yet, instead this pair of pocket money friendly sunglasses from Topshop which remind me of Prada SS10 which I always associate as 'the collection with the amazing accessories', ie transparent plastic heels, low bunches that escaped playground connotations and indeed big clear glasses rather like these.They have some really great sunglasses in at the moment-cats eyes, pervert aviators, and lots of tortoiseshell frames. It took about 40 minutes to whittle it down to one pair.

Also (because I can't stray from the topic of food) note my excitement over the Nordic Bakery Cookbook
 my Mum bought me for Easter. After I wouldn't stop telling her about the success of the batch of cinnamon rolls I'd made from a Nordic Bakery recipe on the internet and how much I love the crockery in the cafe it was a welcome surprise to find it along a pile of chocolate on Easter Sunday. I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy if you can for easy mastering of Scandinavian breakfasts, cakes, tarts and rye breads. So far I've baked an adapted version of the Rhubarb Meringue Pie and next must be the infamous Tosca cake..gobble gobble.


Lizaboo said...

All that talk of food is making me hungry. Sounds fabulous xx :o)

Unknown said...

spinach stew sounds incredible!! i've been getting the train to and from university since second year and i miss those tesco swag bags dearly xx

WendyB said...

I've got the Prada shades with the clear frames and love them. You'll get a lot of use out of those.